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James McArthur

I write code & build projects :P


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Hi, I'm James, a software developer who loves building cool things with code. In addition to coding, I also make YouTube videos where I teach people how to program and I love going to the gym, reading & video games too.

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Latest Projects

Jan 24, 2024

Swolenormous is a SvelteKit & TailwindCSS fitness app to turn you into a mass monstrosity.


Oct 01, 2023

AI-LTR is SvelteKit & TailwindCSS a platform that aids you with prompt generation to develop the ultimate cover letters with ChatGPT.


Oct 24, 2023

Betternotes is a platform that using Transformer.js & HuggingFace ML models in a React.JS app w. Firebase Auth + DB to transcribe audio to text in the browser.


Feb 23, 2022

After School Maths is an educational platform built with Next.js TailwindCSS & Firebase w. the ChatGPT API integrated to make personalized learning and assistance accessable for all.


Jan 14, 2023

Becky Bradley Counselling is a SvelteKit & TailwindCSS therapy landing page.