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Ch 00

guide overview

Ch 01

html css git

โ†’ Project

Build your first ever Single Page Application (SPA) - a portfolio website showcasing your coding skills! Using only HTML and CSS, create a responsive website with sections for introducing yourself, listing your skills and projects, and providing contact details. Don't hesitate to experiment with design and interactive elements (it doesn't need to be perfect).

Ch 02


Learning JavaScript is a mighty beast, and there are two extremely brilliant pathways you could choose to follow on your conquest!

โ†’ Alternative Pathway

Ch 03

frontend javascript frameworks

โ†’ Project

Dive into the world of dynamic weather with React! Build a user-friendly dashboard displaying current conditions and forecasts for any location. Utilize React components, state management, and API integration to bring weather data to life with informative visuals and interactive features. Showcase your React mastery and share your stunning weather app with the world!

Ch 04

backend server frameworks

โ†’ Project

Take your first steps in backend development with a simple 'To-Do List' app! Build an API with Node.js and Express to add, list, and mark tasks as complete, all while utilizing in-memory data storage and basic error handling.

Ch 05

databases sql & nosql

โ†’ Project

Build a backend API with Node.js, Express.js & PostgreSQL that manages a stores inventory! Actions should include being able to read, add, update & delete items - basically all the standard CRUD operations, and also allow the owner to manage stock levels & quantities.

Ch 06

full stack development

โ†’ Project

Now that you've got the knowledge you need to start building some wicked full stack web applications, here's my recommendation for the best trio of projects to include in your web portfolio.



ยท Web portfolio -> You'll need somewhere to store you work. Recommended to use a JavaScript framework combined with TailwindCSS

ยท Frontend Framework (e.g. React.js or Next.js) that consumes an API (weather app, pokemon pokedex etc.).

ยท An API project that uses the REST methodologies with Node.js, Express.js and PostgreSQL. Bonus points if you can contain it within a Docker Container and combine it with the ChatGPT API.

ยท A Full Stack project using a frontend framework (React.js or SvelteKit), Firebase auth, Firebase Firestore database & TailwindCSS. This could be a calender app, a todo app, or even a recipe app.

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